Digital Marketing Businesses: 6 Tips For Beginning A Productive Relationship With One

Creating a useful relationship with a digital marketing business isn't always easy. Typically, as the buyer, you could be at a disadvantage if the technical side is a stretch. Also, there's plenty to consider before going ahead too. For example, it's important to obtain a credit check for their business and look over their portfolio of past work. 

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Here are 6 tips as a business owner if you're planning to work with a digital marketing business:

1. Small or Large Firm?

Decide if you prefer to deal with smaller organisations or larger firms. Digital marketing businesses can be anything from a one-person operation to a company with thousands of employees around the globe. 
Does your company prefer to work with other businesses of a similar size? Do you feel that they are likelier to understand your needs better? Or do you side with larger companies because they have more significant resources?

2. Dedicated Specialist or Broad Generalist?

A digital marketing business may handle website design, PR, search engine optimisation, social media management, or other digital services. 
Some provide one service and do not branch out. This allows them to perform a deep dive into what their clients want and deliver that in spades. Others are generalists that may only make websites or act as an SEO agency or manage social media accounts on behalf of clients. 
Which do you prefer?

3. Remote or Local Office?

Many digital marketing businesses are entirely remote now. They may not have a physical office, relying solely on a website and a PO Box. 
Are you comfortable only ever meeting via a Zoom call or do you require face-to-face meetings? Decide this early, so you don't select the wrong business to work with. 

4. Get a Credit Check Performed

A credit check is something some businesses skip but they shouldn't. Hiring a service provider involves a significant upfront deposit and a time investment too. 
Avoid losing money to a sinking ship by checking the validity of their business first. Don't wait until after you get caught out before making this a rule that your company lives by. 

5. Do Your Research Ahead of Time

Beyond getting a credit check, also look at the digital service provider's portfolio. 
Whether they produce new websites, relaunch older ones, manage high-profile social media accounts, or help sites to rank higher on Google, they'll have a track record. Satisfy yourself that it checks out. 
Also, look skeptically at any testimonials. Verify that they're real by reaching out to the people who've been quoted in them. See if they both made the statement and still stand by it.

6. How Is the Communication?

Digital marketing services work in a high-tech area compared to other businesses. It's not uncommon for their communications to lack the finesse required to understand what they're trying to say.
Do they explain their services in a clear, concise manner? Has technical jargon blinded you? Are they capable of breaking down complex subjects into simple explanations to allow you to make informed decisions?

By following these tips, you'll have greater success choosing a digital marketing company to work with.